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Audrey Burton
Audrey Burton
Audrey Hutchins-Burton is a native of Longview, TX and proud member of Longview LOBO Class of '85!. 
 As an Escrow Officer from Longview to DFW, and being a part of the title and mortgage industry for over 35 years, Audrey enjoys working with buyers and sellers in each transaction; especially the new homeowners, enjoys walking them through the process. She can bring her clients a wealth of knowledge in understanding the importance of title insurance and a Realtor in the process of buying or seller their property. 
Audrey is very hard-working and has a strong work ethic because of her love for real estate and the people in her community, It was God's will that becoming a Realtor was in her future. She loves talking about real estate and the investment it brings to family. Speaking with you and knowing what you are looking for in your property, whether investment, your dream home, your family's future is the type of attention to detail she is going to provide you.
"God has been good to me and my family and I'm looking forward to advocating generational wealth through real estate and giving back to my community and being in a position of servitude.
Call me!" 
From East Texas to the DFW, let the I-20 CONNECTION get a SOLD sign on your property.
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